Sleepyhead Sanctuary Opal

There is nothing more beautiful than a luxurious night’s sleep. With Sleepyhead Sanctuary’s unique Sensorzone® technology and premium materials such as wool and silk and designer foams you’ll enjoy 5-star comfort every night. We believe craftsmanship is the single most important element in building any quality mattress. Over 80 years of expertise goes into each Sleepyhead Sanctuary and our mattress makers build up each layer by hand. With our patented Sensorzone® technology, each spring independently responds to pressure and movement, so you can enjoy a beautiful sleep without any disturbance.

Features Sleepyhead Sanctuary Opal
Sleepyhead Sanctuary Opal Plush

Standard bed sizes

Width: 910 mm
Length: 1880 mm
Long Single
Width: 910 mm
Length: 2030 mm
King Single
Width: 1070 mm
Length: 2030 mm
Width: 1370 mm
Length: 1880 mm
Long Double
Width: 1370 mm
Length: 2030 mm
Width: 1530 mm
Length: 2030 mm
Width: 1670 mm
Length: 2030 mm
Super King
Width: 1830 mm
Length: 2030 mm
California King
Width: 2030 mm
Length: 2030 mm

Individual models may not be available in all sizes. Please contact us or drop in to confirm options for your requirements.

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