Motion Comfort


Motion Comfort Adjustable Base - i230

MotionComfort gives you the ability to get comfortable in a position that feels more natural to sleep in at night. For those living with chronic back pain, MotionComfort and compatible mattresses have been ergonomically designed to help with better sleep and improved circulation through a ‘zero gravity’ position. Adjusting your body’s position in bed can be particularly helpful if you regularly suffer from swelling of the feet or legs as a result of poor circulation. MotionComfort can assist in reducing this by providing a sleeping position with a slight elevation that works to improve blood circulation while laying down.

features Motion Comfort
Cross Section Motion Comfort

Available sizes in this range

Long Single
Width: 910 mm
Length: 2030 mm
King Single
Width: 1070 mm
Length: 2030 mm
Width: 1530 mm
Length: 2030 mm
Super King
Width: 1830 mm
Length: 2030 mm

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